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A  graphical identity is like telling a story without saying a word.

Your visual identity is what your customers get to see first – before reading a word of copy, seeing any of your products or even listening to what you have to say. It’s more than just a logo, it’s an overall visual concept uniting every media you’ll deploy (web, print, social, PR…).

The key is to find a visual concept that connects your brand to your target audience. Design matters, but the idea behind the design is most essential.

To remain consistent with your identity while your brand continues to grow, we’ll provide a brandbook that helps the beautiful stay beautiful. These guidelines will help your partners and resellers to communicate using the right tools: color palette, shapes and images, typefaces…

Greenpepper Agency - Service Design

Our process

1. Research and analysis
We analyze and identify your audience and target, competition, strengths and weaknesses.

2. The idea
We define the fundamental values we need to transmit, your personality and tone of voice. We anticipate your future growth.

3. Show time
Design exploration based on the previous assessments and refinement into three strong proposals. We work out the final project based on your feedback.

4. Activation and deployment
Deployment of the new identity on stationery, web and print media.


Service Design - Project timeline

We propose:
Art Direction
Graphic design
Full-service production

Other services:

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