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As your website is a natural extension of your brand’s identity, we believe that the best way to engage your viewers is through a smart user experience (UX), complimented with a strong user interface (UI). We envision the user experience to be consistent with your web conversion strategy, strengthening your brand, identity and values.

Design must have purpose

At Greenpepper Agency, we create great user experience which takes the user on a pleasant trip. We make sure that this journey directly supports predetermined business goals while fulfilling all needs and interests. If your user doesn’t find what he’s looking for in 3 seconds, he’ll be gone.

A strong design and art direction can significantly change the way your audience will connect with your brand. Great design can facilitate trust, build legitimacy, and turn your name product into an experience. An integrated digital experience is necessary to connect brands with highly valued consumers.

Our approach to design is focused both on the brand and on the users’ emotional connection. Winning hearts and minds. Our web designers create unique look & feel, involving color schemes, mood boards and typography associated with your identity and linked to your online communication strategy.

Desktop is so 2017

Since 51,5 % of online traffic is generated through mobile devices (via Statcounter), we design and develop websites, making the mobile user experience a priority from the very start of the project. Your responsive website will automatically adjust content to the device accessing the website – phone, tablet, or desktop – without sacrificing any content, design, or functionality. It’s the only way to make sure your customers can enjoy your digital presence anytime. Besides that, responsive design is important to be properly referenced by Google.

Our process

Functional analysis
This document precisely describes your information architecture: your future website structure, content and all the functionalities that will be developed. It also explains how all the interactive elements will work.

Sitemap creation
By defining the website structure, we make sure that it will be easily integrated by the different search engines, facilitating access to content.

Wireframes (UX)
A wireframe is a basic layout of a web page that shows which interface elements are set up, taking into account user needs and user cases.

UI design
The aim of the user interface design is to create the most practical and pleasant platform for the user. During this step we mainly focus on the visual aspect such as graphic elements, buttons or typography.

Responsive webdesign
Your website is designed to respond to or resize itself depending on the type of device it is being checked on. Whether it’s a desktop computer, a tablet or a smartphone, your website will automatically adjust itself to the appropriate format, providing an optimal user experience.

With design being approved, it is now time to employ a variety of coding languages and CMS (WordPress, Drupal…).

Content insertion
This project step can be done in two different ways: content insertion can be done manually or the content can be automatically migrated from the former website into the new one. We respect keywords, inbound and outbound links and other SEO optimization techniques.

Testing & debugging
Once the content has been uploaded we test, inspect, debug and diagnose website issues. Any problem will be immediately fixed.

Fire in the hole!
D-Day, your website is going live! For us, launching a website involves a great deal of focus and agility to ensure nothing was missed and to make it all work. After the launch, it’s time for you to celebrate and share your brand new website with your community and with the rest of the world!

We propose:
Web design
Web development
Content creation
Social media campaign

Other services:

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