Content marketing helps businesses to achieve a number of other corporate objectives:

  1. Build your reputation
  2. Increase Lead generation
  3. Customer development

Following stats from 2015 content marketing in the UK, 70% of UK marketers say creating visual content is a priority.

Content marketing in the UK 2015 Benchmark

Do you have the right content marketing strategy?

  • Is your content informative, relevant and valuable to those you are targeting?
  • Does it educate your target audience about your industry without being too sales oriented and pushing just your products or services?
  • Does your message create an interest and desire to your customer and gets them interested in what you offer?
  • Does it stir emotion within the reader and inspire action?

If you answered “yes” to the above questions, you have a good piece of content that you can use to market the products or services that you offer. If you were unable to answer “yes” to all of the questions, it may be time to think about what Green Pepper Agency can do for you to reinforce the connection between your customer and your company.

With you, we will help you to:

  1. Create and develop your Business plan for content marketing and cover the goals you have for your content program.
  2. Define your audience personas and content engagement cycle.
  3. Create tremendous content you can deliver to your customer in order to move them closer to your company goals.
  4. Implement the content marketing strategy in all areas of your marketing including print, media, events and online.

Don’t wait anymore, let’s start your new content marketing strategy today.

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