We are making digital signage easy, affordable and available.

We will help you present impactfull signage solutions that improve touchpoints and open new doors for engagement. With proper signage, you can eliminate questions and keep everyone informed.

Digital signage has become the most widely accepted term for the concept of showing targeted content on public screens.This content, mostly used to entertain, inform or advertise, could be progressive, and can be changed without effort from a central location through a web interface.The objective is to deliver targeted messages across an audience to specific locations at the right time.

Digital signage, narrowcasting, retail TV, captive audience network are all intimidating words designed to make a simple technology expansive. And it seems more complex than it really is. We are providing an «all in one» service because digital signage doesn’ t have to be expensive, complicated or hard to integrate. Like most things in life, information is everything and this is where Green Pepper comes in, we will give you amazing, real life solutions to help you get up and run in «no time».

For us, to ensure the best chance of succes with digital signage, there are five fundamental points worth considering before developing a digital signage network :

  1. Understanding your Audience
  2. Knowing the Environment
  3. Creating a relevant design (within an appropriate and adaptable content)
  4. Making it easy for viewers
  5. Delivering at the right time, right place

Digital Signage

So before we start building your digital signage solution, we want to -together with you- formulate clear answers to the previous points.

Implementing these answers will enable us build up a well design system that will be cost-effective and will help us developing a methodology designed to simplify production and save time while guaranteeing quality, reliability and ergonomics.

The software is ready, the hardware is inexpensive, content creation is a snap for us and installation is a breeze.

So get into Digital signage with us!

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