Have you ever heard speaking of information architecture? This expression, created in 1975, took 15 years to step out of the shadows.

Its goal: to clarify the information. Then how? Where? Why?


At the beginning, gurus of the information architecture belonged to the world of… architecture (could have guessed). But above all, it belonged to the librarians.

In a nutshell, if we resume information architecture to a space, it is a library – or the art of organising information as to be fundable by any user.

In the same way, when an actor communicates (whether it is a private or public company, commercial or non-commercial), he addresses his message to a target. But how can we be sure that the target will understand this information? How to even be sure that it will find it? That’s the main challenge of information architecture in the digital sector (you know… this unlimited area full of information).

The work of architecture involves and precedes the designers and developers’ one. Nevertheless… just like in the construction area, defining the aim isn’t enough; we still have to know how to laid it out.


Let’s take the website case.

Here, the content strategist typically does information architecture: he starts analysing simultaneity the users and company’s needs, then structures the content in its most effective way for a better understanding of the final user.

Afterwards, designers and developers carry on working with this intention plugged by the content strategist. They give consistence to information architecture through navigation options, in a visual and graphical way.


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