Be Burger

Role —  Art direction – Design – Digital

Date —  September 2020

At the beginning of this year, we were lucky to work with Be Burger via Eurêka Food Agency to develop its brand strategy and online positioning.

The new website had two objectives: optimising the user experience with truly immersive browsing and positioning Be Burger as a well-established brand, with 7 restaurants in Belgium and France.

Adapting the brand’s identity for the web

To create a genuinely pleasant and inviting web experience, we developed a graphical charter to reinforce Be Burger’s identity.

The design was thoroughly tailored to suit mobile use. New typefaces were implemented for titles, subtitles and body text, new colors and shades were chosen and various icons were created.

A product photoshoot with a light, fresh feel

As part of this project to refresh the website, we organized and directed a product photoshoot. The idea was to ensure the overall consistency of the website’s design and photographs, showcasing the burgers in front of a very light but textured background.

To illustrate the quality of the various ingredients (short food supply chains, homemade sauce, baker’s buns, etc.), a picture of a deconstructed and levitating burger was also taken.



A mobile-first approach

Following our internal research into the brand’s target audience, the website was designed, created and developed in priority for mobile use. For this mobile-first design, we focused on the basics:

  • simple, smooth browsing;
  • quick access to information;
  • a fast, light website to reduce mobile data usage;
  • optimized space (removal of unnecessary features, text size, etc.).

Mobile version


Desktop version

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