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Role —  Strategy – Design – Digital


Role — Branding – Design – Digital

Date — February 2018

Invesco is a company specialised in investment funds for private and professional investors. The company is present in 20 countries around the world and employs approximately 7,000 people. The “global network – local expertise” philosophy applied by Invesco is expressed in its close relationship and its tailor-made services with a focus on international assets.

A strategy of content marketing and notoriety

To reach the target audience successfully and to avoid technical explanations, we offer the creation and distribution of informative, useful and entertaining content for prospects and customers.

It concerns editorial content (advice, practical articles, lifestyle, reports, etc.) offered in printed form and online. These information media, not directly commercial, will enable Invesco to develop its image with the public, position itself as a leading specialist in the investment fund market and create traffic on its website.

Our solution 

Create a cross-media support: with its own identity but where the name and style clearly refer to Invesco.

This new medium will be distributed through complementary channels:

  • biannual magazine to communicate with popularized content, financial sector news, lifestyle and partner interviews;
  • website in parallel with the magazine, which will concisely include extracts from articles and disseminate news from the sector;
  • bimonthly newsletter to distribute the site’s content and promote the magazine.

Offering simplified, generic and lifestyle content makes it possible to cover a wide range of audiences, broaden the scope of potential readers, promote Invesco and spread the company’s brand image.

Name creation and branding : Bolt Magazine 

This short and catchy name, which can be used internationally, refers to a safety accessory for climbing and mountaineering.

In mountaineering, a bolt is a protective point installed in a hole drilled in the rock to which a metal hanger is attached, on which the mountaineer can secure himself by hanging a carabiner or a ring. Bolt can also be interpreted as a fast start, a forward race: to bolt forward.

This term is a nod to Invesco’s mountain and exploration roots, safety and speed of movement. It is directly linked to the values Invesco stands for and its entrepreneurial spirit.

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