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Solucalc is a Belgian company located in Wallonia and France, specialized in drinking water treatment. The company sells water softeners using an innovative CO2 injection mechanism. This process guarantees pure, healthy and drinkable water.

Solucalc - Branding - Logo Evolution Design

Make a technical communication user-friendly

Yes, water softeners might not be the most attractive products on the market. The challenge for us was to make this product interesting and sexy by providing a sharp and simple explanation of its functions and benefits. We started with the branding and the conception of their new logo. The objective was to highlight the notion of liquidity, purity and stability. We kept the primary and secondary colors to ensure an easy transition from the previous logo and to avoid confusing users.

Solucalc - Branding - Logo Concept Design
Solucalc - Branding Logo Animation

Establishment of an influence strategy

The company has chosen to adopt an influence strategy by creating a network of ambassadors. To implement this strategy, the agency designed the adapted print communication tools, using the graphic charter they established.

Solucalc - Branding - Business cards

Initiate international development

By developing all of the company’s communication media, whether print or web, in several languages, the agency supports Solucalc in building a strong brand image and to facilitate its international expansion.

Solucalc - Branding - Brochure + business Cards


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